Over the past couple of years, I’ve been putting up draft translations of early medieval texts online, mostly produced in support of teaching. 

Here’s an index (not including very short partial translations and excerpts), in case these translations are useful for anyone. I’ll update this page as and when I put fresh material online. These aren’t polished pieces of work, so please do let me know if you have comments or suggestions, or spot any errors. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

804: the Rizana placitum 

835: Florus of Lyon’s On the Appointment of bishops

840?: the Capitulare in pago cenomannico datum

847: the Courtisols judgement

c. 850: the Apparition of St Vaast

852: Hincmar’s first episcopal capitulary (on the Hincmar.blogspot)

856: Judith ordo (and 866 Ermentrude ordo), by Hincmar

858: the Quierzy letter to Louis the German

c. 860?  Ordeal of cold water

862: The Aachen Council of 862 

862: Embassy of Bishop Altfrid to King Charles the Bald 

863: A charter by Lothar II mentioning Waldrada

c. 863: The will of Eberhard and Gisela

864: Bishop Adventius of Metz writes to Pope Nicholas I (on the Hincmar blogspot)

867: Ratramnus of Corbie’s Contra Graecorum opposita (extract)

867: Bishop Adventius of Metz’s letter about the Vikings 

871: Letter of Louis II to Basil I

876: De noviliaco villa/About the estate of Neuilly,  by Hincmar

877: the Capitulary of Quierzy

893: Hatto of Verdun’s Memoriale

c.900: a Carolingian sermon on the Vikings

1043: Abbot Siegfried of Gorze’s letter about incest and cultural change

c. 1050: A treatise on simony

1059: Pope Nicholas II’s decree on simony

c.1090: the visit of Joseph the Englishman to Constantinople

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