Over the past couple of years, I’ve been putting up draft translations of early medieval texts online.  I produced most of them to support my Special Subject on Lothar II and Theutberga’s divorce case,  as a supplement to the material in Dutton’s Carolingian Civilization.

Here’s an index (not including very short partial translations/excerpts), in case the translations are useful for you. I’ll update this page as and when I put fresh material online. These aren’t polished pieces of work, so please do let me know if you have comments or suggestions, or spot any errors.

804: the Rizana placitum 

835: Florus of Lyon’s On the Appointment of bishops

840?: the Capitulare in pago cenomannico datum

847: the Courtisols judgement

c. 850: the Apparition of St Vaast

852: Hincmar’s first episcopal capitulary (on the Hincmar.blogspot)

856: Judith ordo (and 866 Ermentrude ordo), by Hincmar

858: the Quierzy letter to Louis the German

c. 860?  Ordeal of cold water

862: The Aachen Council of 862 (on the Hincmar.blogspot)

862: Embassy of Bishop Altfrid to King Charles the Bald 

863: A charter by Lothar II mentioning Waldrada

c. 863: The will of Eberhard and Gisela

864: Bishop Adventius of Metz writes to Pope Nicholas I (on the Hincmar blogspot)

867: Ratramnus of Corbie’s Contra Graecorum opposita (extract)

871: Letter of Louis II to Basil I

876: De noviliaco villa/About the estate of Neuilly,  by Hincmar

877: the Capitulary of Quierzy

893: Hatto of Verdun’s Memoriale

c.900: a Carolingian sermon on the Vikings

c. 1050: A treatise on simony

c.1090: the visit of Joseph the Englishman to Constantinople

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