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I study and teach earlier medieval history at the University of Sheffield (here’s my staff page). 

The blog was originally established to accompany and document progress on an AHRC-funded research project, which ran 2014-16. Since then, the posts have reflected aspects of my ongoing research and teaching (plus occasional guest blogs by friends and colleagues).

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  1. I just discovered your blog while researching Aethelwulf King of Wessex for a book I am writing. Your content is so fascinating that I spent two days binge reading all of your prior posts. I hope you can answer two questions for me:
    1. What palace did Aethelwulf return to after his pilgrimage to Rome in 856? Did he go to Winchester or did Aethelbald retain that?
    2. Is it known exactly where in Sussex Aethelbald died? And was it of natural causes?

  2. Sorry. My second question should have read:
    2. Is it known where Aethelwulf died? And was it of natural causes

  3. Unfortunately most of the translated documents lead to a 404 error. I would love to be able to read the translated primary source documents you refer to in your blogs. Is there any way to access them?

    1. I am sorry for the slow reply! And for the broken links. I am hoping that these translations will soon be appearing in print, so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until then…

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